Every year the Californian summer is enlightened with the Worldwide Developers Conference. An event organized by Apple where important announcements are done. Programmers, designers, and other technology peers wait anxiously for this day and come from all over the world to see the greatest keynotes where new technologies are finally revealed.

However, some of us are not as lucky and were not randomly selected to get a precious ticket. No worries! We are not alone and some very awesome people have put some thought on us. While the WWDC happens, just beside it (literally, this year) the Alternative Apple Developer Conference (AltConf, for the intimates) happens. An event with tons of content, keynotes and amazingly intelligent people sharing their knowledge and experiences. It is one of the most amazing places where you can learn more about how people are doing the same stuff as you do and how they are solving the problems you also face in ways you might not have thought about.

It was an unbelievable experience! Contents from best practices on coding to how to deal with the imposter syndrome, guaranteeing diversity in apps and different accessibility tools, the relationship between product and design and so much more. I’ll go over the details of what I saw and what caught me the most in both events on further posts and will link them back here. So keep up with the blog and follow me on twitter to see when new posts are out (can’t promise any due dates tee hee hee).

If you are wondering “holy cow Yasmin, how did you get to these events?”. Well, as you may know, I work at iFood, one of the companies from the Movile group and they sponsored my trip, and from a few other fellas too, so we could take advantage of the AltConf and WWDC from close. I’m very very thankful for this opportunity and the posts I am going to write are one of the ways to retribute what the company provided me ❤️

If you wanna see more information about the AltConf click here and if you want to see the WWDC keynotes click here.

See you in the next post!


AltConf posts: